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A World-Class Education Grounded in Jewish Values
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A Warm Welcome to Pardes Jewish Day School!


It is a pleasure for our Leadership Team to take turns and stand by our gate in the morning to welcome our students, greeting each by name.  The enthusiasm and excitement on the faces of our students each morning is a reflection of the student-centered, warm and inviting school culture that invokes a joy of learning.

We are blessed with a dedicated, talented, and professional faculty who approach each day prepared to teach and inspire our students. We are all committed to a research-based rigorous curriculum that will challenge our students to think critically, analyze information, and draw intelligent conclusions. The world in which our students are preparing to enter is ever changing. It is no longer enough for students to obtain basic facts and skills. Our students need to understand that they must be life-long learners always aware how to find and synthesize the information they are reading, and how to use this information to foster their growth and development.

Our Jewish Day School has a parent body that shares a common mission and values. Started as a Reform Jewish Day School, Pardes prepares its students to become outstanding members of society through a rigorous secular and Judaic curriculum that welcomes all Jewish traditions. Pardes is comprised of wonderful families who respect differences in Jewish practice, yet is bound by the study of Torah, Jewish history and culture, and the values our peoplehood have embodied throughout centuries. We are a “people of the book” who “stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.” It is our duty and privilege to educate our students to become the next Jewish leaders sitting in boardrooms of corporations, synagogues, and schools.

It is my hope that our website will pique your interest to come and visit our school. Located on the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus, we are blessed with a beautiful facility where you can feel the excitement and buzz in the air from our students, faculty, parents, and leadership all working to make our school a very special place. Come and experience the magic!

Warm Regards,

Jill Kessler
Head of School