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A World-Class Education Grounded in Jewish Values
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The Board of Directors serves an important role in private education.  Board members are the stewards of the mission, the values, and focus on the financial strength of the school in both the immediate time and the future.  They work hard to make strategic decisions that benefit the children, families and faculty of the school.

Board of Directors

Jon Brodsky, Immediate Past President
Rabbi Mari Chernow
Tim Eckstein, President
Gerald Elgarten
Nestor Guzman
Penelope Karp-Abad
Jill Kessler, Head of School, Ex-Officio
Dan Kravets, Vice President
Elizabeth Leonard
Diane Ozer
Jennifer Rawicz, Immediate Past President
Greg Sir
Berry Sweet
Craig Weiss, Secretary
Todd Weiss, Treasurer
Joel Zolondek


Founding Head of School

Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman