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A World-Class Education Grounded in Jewish Values
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Meet our Talented Faculty and Staff:

  Name Title Group
Sara Abrams Abrams, Sara 6th Grade Teacher
Rabbi Pinchas Allouche Allouche, Rabbi Pinchas Jewish Studies Teacher
Melinda Berko Berko, Melinda 4th Grade Teacher
Susan Blease Blease, Susan Office Manager
Laurie Burckhardt Burckhardt, Laurie Middle School Teacher
Steven Campanelli Campanelli, Steven 5th Grade Teacher
Micah Caplan Caplan, Micah Jewish Studies Teacher
Allison Clark Clark, Allison
Patricia Cole Cole, Patricia Music Teacher
Lisa D'Onofrio D'Onofrio, Lisa Nurse/Entrepreneur
Katherine Davis Davis, Katherine Yad B'Yad Teacher
Jennifer Eckstein Eckstein, Jennifer 3rd Grade Teacher
Mark Evans Evans, Mark
Orit Feinberg Feinberg, Orit Art Teacher
Susan Finks Finks, Susan Middle School Teacher
Addi Fraser Fraser, Addi Kindergarten Teacher
Nicole Garber Garber, Nicole 2nd Grade Teacher
Daphna Gold Gold, Daphna Hebrew Teacher
Leslie Goldman Goldman, Leslie
Peter Gordon Gordon, Peter Head of School
Yehudit Gottlieb Gottlieb, Yehudit Hebrew Teacher
Avital Gross Gross, Avital Hebrew Teacher
Dawn Gutierrez Gutierrez, Dawn Coordinator of Learning Resources
Yamit Harel Harel, Yamit
Ruth Joseph Joseph, Ruth 1st Grade Teacher
Amit Kalo Kalo, Amit
Amit Kalo Kalo, Amit Teacher
Romit Kalo Kalo, Romit
Carolyn Kraus Kraus, Carolyn Executive Assistant
Lauren Kreisberger Kreisberger, Lauren Lower and Middle School Coordinator
Michal Lev Lev, Michal Hebrew Teacher
Jessica Levine Levine, Jessica
Anna Lock Lock, Anna Middle School Teacher
Sara Lovstrom Lovstrom, Sara Athletic Director
Lauren Mishlove Mishlove, Lauren Jewish Studies Teacher
Kimberly Nadler Nadler, Kimberly 1st Grade Teacher
Jena Olgin Olgin, Jena Kindergarten Teacher
Jack Ostrowski Ostrowski, Jack Facilities Manager
David Rivas Rivas, David Middle School Teacher
Maggie Roberts Roberts, Maggie
Ronit Rogov-Malinovitz Rogov-Malinovitz, Ronit Hebrew Coordinator
Jessie Rubenstein Rubenstein, Jessie Jewish Studies Teacher
Sherry Saper Saper, Sherry 5th Grade Teacher
Betsy Silber Silber, Betsy 4th Grade Teacher
Eric Steinberg Steinberg, Eric Accounting Support
Nicole Stokes Stokes, Nicole 3rd Grade Teacher
Lezlie Strolle Strolle, Lezlie Technology Specialist
Marilyn Tenud Tenud, Marilyn Accounts Manager
Jessie Tolman Tolman, Jessie Spanish teacher
Jennifer Traulsen Traulsen, Jennifer 2nd Grade Teacher
Ronald Whitehead Whitehead, Ronald Physical Education Teacher
Peter Wollheim Wollheim, Peter
Jodi Woodnick Woodnick, Jodi