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A World-Class Education Grounded in Jewish Values
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Welcome to Pardes Jewish Day School! The name Pardes means orchard in Hebrew and is a dynamic metaphor for growth. With over 300 students, our goal is to provide every student from kindergarten through eighth grade with strong roots from which to grow. The curriculum at Pardes exemplifies excellence in education while taking into consideration the needs of the whole child.  Whether in a secular studies or Jewish studies class, Pardes students learn to think critically, research, analyze and evaluate content.

Mission Statement

Pardes Jewish Day School prepares students to become outstanding members of society through a rigorous secular and Judaic education, a nurturing community, and a foundation in Reform Judaism that welcomes all Jewish traditions.

At Pardes Jewish Day School, we strive to live by the following Core Values:

עבודת הלב – Avodat Halev – Service of the Heart

We serve G-d through prayer and the sense of obligation to live justly.

עברית – Ivrit – Hebrew

We strengthen our bond with the Jewish people and our ability to study Jewish texts by learning the Hebrew language.

כבוד – Kavod – Respect

We respect the different ways Jews engage in their relationship with G-d. We practice respectful communication and treatment between children, parents, teachers and staff.

לדור ודור – L’dor V’dor – From Generation to Generation

We recognize the generational aspect of Jewish life.  We value knowing who we are and from where we come.  We rejoice in our obligation to pass that knowledge on to our children, continuing the chain of tradition.

תלמוד תורה – Talmud Torah – Study of Torah

We study Torah because it is more important than anything else as it leads to positive actions and behaviors such as the fulfillment of Mitzvot.

תקון עולם – Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World

We strive to care for G-d’s creations by pursuing social justice, peace, freedom, equality and the restoration of the environment.

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