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A World-Class Education Grounded in Jewish Values
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Secular Studies: 

In Middle School, students move from the concrete acquisition of skills in Lower School to learning more complex skills that require critical thinking and analysis.

Their writing carefully taught and practiced, spans across the curriculum so students can make connections from one subject to another. The synthesis of the material is what excites Middle School students as they connect information to the world around them.

Donning lab aprons in the science lab to conduct experiments helps our Middle School students realize they can become scientists, researchers, or doctors. The world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is opened up to our Middle School students.

Developmentally, Middle School students are in a time of transition as they grow from childhood to adolescence. Respect for their differences, both physically and psychologically, is demonstrated by our dedicated and talented Middle School faculty who understand and appreciate their age. With humor and acceptance, they guide our Middle School students through this sometimes bumpy time.

Jewish Studies:

 Students learn to become critical readers of the rich text of the TaNaKH (Bible). Students learn a selection of stories from the Prophets through creative and thought-provoking perspectives. Pardes Middle School students are encouraged to question and challenge the text by using debates, critical thinking skills, and creative writing. Students also examine the teachings of great commentators such as Rashi and Rambam which help them to discuss today’s social issues. Students in the Middle School grades also learn Jewish history from the beginning of the 11th century through the Spanish Inquisition and the rise of the Zionist movement. Eighth graders examine modern antisemitism, the study of the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel.

Middle School students participate in Tefillah service once a week and learn Parashat Hashavuah together with different community rabbis. The seventh and eighth graders also read from the Torah on a weekly basis.


 â€‹Modern Hebrew (Ivrit) is taught as a dynamic living language, using the program Chaverim B’Ivrit, which is based on the most up-to-date research on language acquisition in children. Lessons revolve around themes such as family, friendship, traveling, food and music. Each theme is presented from three perspectives: Jewish, modern Israeli culture and general world knowledge. In addition, our outstanding Hebrew teachers create lessons that highlight Jewish holiday as well as the particular needs and interests of the class.

Middle School students continue to improve their reading, writing and conversational skills which they gained in Lower School. Teachers incorporate projects into their units as a way to enhance the students understanding of and ability to apply their Hebrew knowledge.