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Role of Technology at Pardes

Technology in the classroom creates an environment of active, student-centered learning and engagement. Teachers and students at Pardes Jewish Day School embrace technology in the classroom to open up the world of learning opportunities and experiences. At Pardes, students develop 21st-century skills that encourage collaboration, promote ownership of their understanding, and enhance the learning process.

Role of technologyTechnology at Pardes is used to engage and enhance the teaching and learning process. Technology is integrated into the curriculum both as a tool for teaching and learning. Instruction occurs in second, third, and fourth grades with an emphasis on keyboarding skills, internet research skills, learning how to create, edit, and modify documents, slides, sites, email, movie clips, and images. The students also learn how to use a variety of web-based software to create and design course assignments. Beginning in fourth grade each student develops an electronic portfolio in which they input their work and write reflections about each piece. The students add to the portfolio several times at each grade level through eighth grade. Center time in kindergarten and first grade comes alive as students play math and language arts games, write stories, illustrations, and watch videos on a variety of topics on mini iPads. In the middle school, fifth through eighth graders bring their own laptops. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program makes a 21st-century classroom possible. The use of technology fosters student ownership of learning, creates a smooth transition from home to school, provides easier access to online materials, and facilitates communication and collaboration with other students and teachers.

The classrooms at Pardes include interactive televisions, SMART Interactive Projectors, Apple TVs, and document cameras. MacBook carts are available for teachers to check out for students’ use. This technology allows for real-time learning and increased student engagement.