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Class trips for our Middle School grades are an exciting part of the Middle School experience at Pardes. The trips are an opportunity for students to interact in an informal way, build relationships, and experience learning outside the classroom. Class trips are typically connected to the curriculum the students study in their Science or Social Studies classes. Other grades, like the eighth-grade class, is a combination of American History and celebration of their Aliyah, or graduation.


Our current class trips include:

Fifth grade:

Fifth graders travel to Northern Arizona where they explore the Grand Canyon and Montezuma’s Castle, as well as enjoy team building opportunities. This one night overnight provides experiential learning connected to their study of Native Americans and Early American History in Social Studies as well as units of study in Science.

Sixth grade:

The sixth grade visits Southeastern Arizona, which connects to their year-long study of Earth Science. During the trip, which is a one night overnight, students visit the Biosphere, Colossal Cave and the Jewish History Museum of Arizona.

Seventh grade:

Seventh-grade students spend two nights on Catalina Island with the CELP (Catalina Environmental Leadership Program). This program provides an opportunity for experiential learning in conjunction with the seventh grade Science curriculum, which is Biology.

Eighth grade:

Eighth-grade students spend six nights in Washington D.C. learning about American history and government. They tour museums and monuments as well as visit government agencies, which connects to their year-long study of American History. This trip, which is in the late spring, also provides a wonderful opportunity for the eighth graders to celebrate their upcoming Aliyah (graduation) from Pardes Jewish Day School.