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Pardes and the Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO) use an online service, TADS, to process financial aid applications.


Start by going to TADS website and completing an online 

financial aid application. Be gin your applications as early as January 2nd but 

complete them no later than April 15th.


Submit supporting documentation to TADS as they audit your application.


Only one application must be submitted for both the JTO and Pardes financial aid!


If you are an Arizona taxpayer and you apply for aid from the JTO, you are also required to support the JTO with your tax-credit dollars.


For low-income families, the same application is used for another STO, Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT).

This STO awards funds on a first come, first-served basis, so those families should submit their applications as early in January as possible. ASCT will only accept a certain number of applications each year.

Awards are provided by the JTO and Pardes in May.