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The Leadership Team and Board of Directors of Pardes Jewish Day School have worked diligently to keep tuition affordable while continuing to provide an excellent academic education.  The school is committed to enrolling a talented and diverse student body and believes cost should not be a deterrent to Pardes families. Our families benefit from a significant amount of money that we receive from other sources, including the Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO).





The tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $15,050 per student. Many families qualify for either a synagogue affiliation discount and/or a sibling discount which helps lower the tuition rate. Each January, tuition is set by the Board of Directors for the following school year.

Tuition Deposit:

A non-refundable tuition deposit of $550 is due with a signed enrollment contract and is applied towards the tuition balance.

Payment Options and Methods:

Parents can choose one of four payment options offered for tuition.  They can pay annually (one payment,) semi-annually (two payments,) quarterly (four payments) or monthly (ten payments.)  In addition, Pardes offers various payment methods including credit cards, automatic checking account withdrawal (ACH,) and payments online.  If parents choose the annual, semi-annual or quarterly payment options, they can also pay by check.  Parents paying monthly are required to use one of the automatic electronic payment methods.

Affiliation Discount

The Affiliation Discount is $440 per family and is offered to families who belong to a synagogue in the Greater Phoenix area. A Congregational Affiliation Form must be completed to receive this discount.

Sibling Discount

Each enrolled sibling of a Pardes student will receive a $500 tuition discount.