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Summer Adventures: Math

June 27, 2016
By Laurie Burckhardt, Middle School Teacher

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be a vacation from learning. With a little structure and some real world applications, you can help your child strengthen their math skills in an unforgettable way.

Practice Makes Perfect

Keep your child’s skills sharp by integrating math into their daily routine. Sign up for a math website that has structured instruction and practice. Many students already have access codes to their online math textbooks or other review sites. You may also want to obtain materials for the next school year to preview the concepts they’ll cover in their upcoming math class. This will improve retention, performance, and confidence.

Inject Some Fun

It’s summer, after all! Have kids play math games online to review their facts. Or play games in the real world. Monopoly, cards, Yahtzee, and other games involve math. Help your child learn about the stock market and help them use their allowance to invest in a few stocks Follow a stock’s earnings (negative and positive numbers, graphing).

Make Some Memories

Head to a baseball game and keep track of a favorite baseball player’s statistics (mean, median, and mode). Cook together with a recipe that won’t make enough and have them double or triple the batch. Baking is an excellent way to help your child understand measurements and operations with fractions. Calculate the distance traveled, gas mileage, or average speed while you are planning a family trip. Shop together and determine the unit price, best buy, money spent, or change due. Design or build a toothpick bridge and discuss angles, perimeter, and area.

Make Math Real

Involve your child in projects around the house. Help them draw a scale map of your kitchen or another area of your home and imagine all the different things that could fit into that space.

Become an investor and help your child start a lemonade stand, or a slime stand, on a cool day. Help them understand inventory, sell price and how to make a profit.

Here are some math websites with games, practice problems, or instruction:

The lessons that stick with us throughout our life are often the lessons we learn by having fun that are relevant and real. These suggestions are just a few ideas, but there are so many different ways to make math learning fun by using activities you can do together. Try some of these out and let us know how they worked!

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