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Summer Adventures: Time to Experiment

July 25, 2016
By Laurie Burckhardt, Middle School Teacher

Science doesn’t require fancy equipment or extravagant plans; it’s all around us! Even talking about why some things float while others sink while you are splashing around in the pool is science. Summer offers the time to explore science in a whole new way!

Here are a few recommendations to bring science to life this summer holiday:

Take A Field Trip

Consider a trip to the science museum to kick off the summer. The Arizona Science Center is a great way to escape the heat and experience science in a whole new way! Another great science experience is the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. Although this museum isn’t specifically designed around science, it is a great place for younger children to investigate simple scientific ideas.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Plan your own scientific experiment or project with your child. There are plenty of remarkable experiments to try! Test what happens when you mix liquids of different densities. Try the famous coke and mentos experiment. To find the perfect experiment you can check out this article by Lemon Lime Adventures or browse Pinterest. One super fun way to spend time together is to design and build a working contraption with things you have around your house. If you want to gather some ideas for your own design try starting out with the game Fantastic Contraption.

Beat the Heat

Most people in Arizona would say the best summer activity is one where you aren’t in the staggering heat. If this sounds like you, try out the science of astronomy. Observe the night sky and learn the names of some constellations. If you need a little help, there are plenty of apps out there to answer any question you might have about the night sky.
Of course, there are always the traditional options of enrolling in a science day camp, class or workshop. All of these fun exercises can help you start brainstorming possible topics for next year’s science fair. With so many different options, summer is a great time for scientific exploration!

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