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Michal Lev
Michal Lev
Hebrew Teacher
Employed Since: 8/1/2015
2 Years Experience At School

Prior to joining the Pardes faculty as a Hebrew teacher,  Michal Lev was a lead Montessori teacher for several years for the elementary school grades. Additionally, she taught Hebrew and Judaics at the  Jess Schwartz High school. Morah Michal started her teaching career 20 years ago in Israel.  In addition to Israel, she has taught in New York and now in Arizona.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in education from Wingate College in Israel and is a certified teacher from the state of Arizona. Morah Michal is experienced in various subjects and has taught at all grade levels from kindergarten through twelfth grade.  She is the  mother of two girls (Mai and Neev) and has resided in AZ since 2004.