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The Chief Science Officer (CSO), which is an elected position in our Middle School, champions campus-wide engagement, interest and popularity of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and innovation both on and off campus. The CSO serves as the "voice" of Pardes, identifying science opportunities such as speakers, field trips and science nights, and he/she ensures such opportunities reflect interests of their peers.

Eighth Grader Ethan Cohen was elected by his peers to serve as Pardes’s first CSO. He is a member of the inaugural class of 120 students across the state participating in the CSO program. It was started to give a voice to students in the national conversation about STEM education. Student CSOs work with one another to address issues and collaborate as a group. Ethan recently participated in the CSO training, where he met other CSOs, learned about his role, and attended STEM-related workshops. Ethan is enjoying his term as the Pardes Chief Science Officer. He hopes to help strengthen and publicize our school's STEM activities and bring new STEM opportunities to Pardes students.

Ethan leading a station at STEM night


"My experience as the first Chief Science Officer (CSO) has been exciting and enriching. Being a CSO, I’ve further developed my love of science due to the many experiences in which I’ve participated. I’ve spoken with Arizona State Representatives in a group discussion about the education system, bonded with other CSO’s, and designed, organized, and facilitated an event for Pardes’ STEM night. Overall, the experience of the Chief Science Officer is one I will never forget."

                     - Ethan Cohen