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Several years ago, Pardes Jewish Day School decided to establish Hineini, an anti-bullying program, to be proactive about bullying issues taking place nationwide. The faculty and staff became trained in the Olweus (Ol-VEY-us) Bullying Prevention Program, developed and researched by Dan Olweus. Olweus, recognized in the world as a leading expert in the field of anti-bullying, has developed this program for schools to use to improve and maintain a positive social climate. As a Jewish day school, Pardes chose to look at the Olweus program through a Jewish Lens. Hineini meaning Here I Am shows the importance of students standing up for one another.

All homeroom classes meet monthly for a Hineini meeting. The focus of the meeting varies based on grade level. Meeting topics include friendship, leadership, respect, social media, responsibility, etc.

The four goals for our Hineini program are:

  • We will show kavod (respect) by not bullying others.
  • We will help others in our kehilah (community) who are being bullied.
  • We will include others who are left out.
  • We will tell an adult at school or home if we are bullied or if someone we know is being bullied.