The Pardes Campus

Pardes Jewish Day School relocated to the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus in 2014.  During our first year here the community witnessed the creation of a beautifully renovated and expanded campus, the result of a  successful capital campaign that raised over three million dollars.

Today, each kindergarten through fourth-grade classroom invites students to experience the perfect blend of a warm and inviting environment coupled with technology that includes MacBooks, iPads and interactive jTouch televisions. Students also enjoy use of the art room, music room and media center.

Our state-of-the art Kaufman Valdes Middle School building provides endless opportunities for inquiry-based 21st-century learning.  Each spacious classroom features a large Smart Board and ample space for group work and discussion. Middle School students study in the science lab, affording them added opportunities to engage in advanced scientific experiments.

Our Campus Mural 

Our beautiful mural says just about everything you can say regarding the inspiring educational experience at Pardes Jewish Day School. Visible from far beyond the front entrance of our school, this bright and colorful representation embraces the Pardes educational journey through the voices of our students. Vibrant images reflect the power of academic learning, collaboration, community, athletics and performing arts coupled with Torah, Tikkun Olam, and Jewish engagement.  It celebrates the richness of an education explored through both a secular and Jewish lens. More than anything, the mural recognizes that every Pardes experience is part of a larger picture that will have a lifelong impact on our students.

Given as a gift to the school, the mural is the product of an extraordinary collaboration between artist Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen and the Pardes community.  The vision was to create a powerful tribute to the Pardes experience. Through hands-on workshops, Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen inspired Pardes students to reflect on their thoughts about Pardes both artistically and in writing. Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen use our students reflections and artwork to design the beautiful mural that greets everyone who enters our campus.

Located in the heart of campus is our beautiful and welcoming outdoor learning-scape.  Working alongside talented landscape architects, the school brought to life it’s vision of a welcoming and stimulating environment where students revel in both play and project-based learning.  The learning-scape includes tranquil spaces in addition to an amphitheater, sport court, play structure and more.

Pardes’s VAAD-certified kosher kitchen enables students to purchase delicious and nutritious school lunches, with several options available each day. 

The Pardes Sanctuary with its elaborate ark provides a meaningful setting for Tefillah (morning prayer).  It is a special place for our Pardes community to come together for simchas, learning and prayer.

A valuable added benefit of our school’s location is convenient access to the Jewish Community Center.  Pardes students enjoy usage of the indoor basketball courts during PE and they participate in a myriad of after-school enrichment programs.