Portrait of a Graduate

A Pardes graduate is a critical thinker and communicator. 

The Pardes academic program is inquiry-based at all grade levels. Our students learn to read, analyze, question and respond to both secular and Jewish texts as well as engage in discussion with depth of understanding. As a result, a Pardes graduate is prepared to apply these important analytical skills throughout his/her future education.

A Pardes graduate has embraced a love of learning. 

Our students develop a passion for knowledge in a diverse range of subjects. They appreciate and recognize the importance of making meaningful connections between the classroom and everyday life. A Pardes graduate has a thirst for continued learning in high school and at colleges and universities around the country.

A Pardes graduate has developed a strong connection to his/her Judaism. 

For some students, it is a love for the Hebrew language or Tefillot (prayers) while for other students it is a deeper understanding of their Jewish heritage and the history of the Jewish people. Our students experience Jewish holidays and create memories over the years. A Pardes graduate sees the world through both a secular and Jewish lens.

A Pardes graduate is a mensch. 

Throughout their time at Pardes, students are immersed in Jewish values. Words such as kavod (respect), kehillah (community) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) become part of their daily vocabulary. A Pardes graduate embodies these values and is poised to be a leader in organizations and schools.

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I will miss so many things about Pardes. I will definitely miss being in such a supportive and safe community where I know I can be myself. The teachers not only focus on the education aspect, but they also care about creating a loving learning environment. Overall, I will miss this school because it has helped me grow into the person I am today.                                                                 – Sydney, Class of 2018