An Inside Look at the Makerspace at Pardes

Have you ever marveled at a new discovery or innovation that changed the world and wondered, why didn’t I think of that? As a parent, have you considered how to give your children the skills they’ll need to be visionaries and creators in this rapidly-changing, complex world? With a view toward building today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators, Pardes Jewish Day School created Makerspace, an intersection of technology, creativity, and curiosity. What should you know about Makerspace?

Is it a Place or a Program? Yes!

Makerspace is a dedicated space at Pardes, intentionally set aside for creativity. It’s equipped with an array of first-class tools, both physical and virtual, that spark imagination. Students enjoy hands-on learning with design software, soldering irons, green screens, robotic equipment, paper circuits, 3D printing, and standard constructive materials as they create, solve problems, and explore new ways of thinking. 

Makerspace is also a highlight of the academic program that benefits all Pardes students from kindergarten through eighth grade, providing age-appropriate resources for exploration and projects that inspire future-readiness.

What Makes it Special? 

Makerspace integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through project-based learning.  Students think critically, collaborate with peers, hone communication skills, and develop perseverance along the way. It’s not just theoretical learning; students see clear connections to real-world applications. 

More Than  High Tech

Makerspace exploration can be high tech, low tech, no tech, and everything in between. Pardes students are prompted to ask questions, address problems, and use all sorts of interesting materials to invent and create solutions. There’s a strong emphasis on building, which can include building ideas, physical constructs, or building connections between software and applications. 

Career Prep Behind Recent Projects

  • Environmental Engineering: Lower school students built self-watering planters using recycled materials.
  • Robotic Science: Lower grades learned how to translate animal movements into robotic movements. 
  • Electrical Engineering: Students built toys with motors, batteries, and LEDs.
  • Mechanical Engineering: From working with simple machines such as the lever of a wheel to soldering a roller coaster, students enjoyed the building aspects of mechanical engineering.
  • Space Science and Agriscience: Students considered requirements for living and farming in space.
  • Product Design: Eighth graders simulated a “Shark Tank” scenario through research, client meetings, innovation, prototype construction, and marketing. 
  • Computer Engineering: Coding projects span the grade levels at Pardes, helping students solve real-world problems. 

It’s a Safe Space

Most of us have felt the pressure to “get it right” the first time we undertake a project. But at Makerspace, the underlying philosophy views setbacks or failure as an opportunity to adapt a project to achieve a goal. Students thrive when they can back up, change their plan, find a work-around, or seek a different solution. It’s an environment where students can tinker, work on complex problems, and learn from their mistakes. 

Add Up the Benefits

Parents who consider private schools in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas often ask about the distinct value each school offers. The Makerspace at Pardes Jewish Day School reflects the school’s theme of Instruct, Inspire, and Innovate — a focus that puts student success and future readiness front and center. 

Learn MoreIf you wonder where your child will develop skills for a future that’s yet to be imagined, spark your own imagination by scheduling a tour at Pardes Jewish Day School where you can see the Makerspace in person. Call 480-991-9141 or email today!