It’s Always Better Together

May 13 –  May 7th marked the end of another successful year for the Better Together Program, a year-long partnership between Pardes Jewish Day School, The Bureau of Jewish Education, and a New York Foundation.  Each month, Pardes Eighth graders joined with seniors from our Jewish community to gain insights and knowledge through shared stories and wisdom as they interacted with each other. Monthly activities included going to restaurants, singing and playing games and other backdrops that provided opportunities for asking questions and learning about each other.  Both groups have much to offer, and as in previous years, the generations began forging bonds from the first time they met.

This year’s culminating event was a dinner at the JCC. It was a truly meaningful gathering of  heartfelt farewells. Leading up to the dinner, students participated in a writing competition called Better2Write.   Each eighth grader wrote about an experience from this year that was meaningful for them. The winner, Charlie, received a gold medal and a financial award allowing him to attend Jewish summer camp and/or a gap year in Israel. Charlie also read his paper to the entire group of students and seniors who had gathered together for one last time. Five runners up each received a silver medal. 

“The Better Together program was a highlight of my month,” said Assistant Head of School and Director of Jewish Life, Mitch Flatow. “How meaningful it was to see two generations span the gap. One of our core values is l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation. That’s what the Better Together Program is all about.”