The kindergarten program at Pardes Jewish Day School uses a proven approach to build strong foundations for life and learning. As a private, Jewish day school, Pardes integrates Jewish values with a rigorous academic curriculum designed specifically for kindergartners. Our hands-on program emphasizes multisensory projects, STEAM, and other researched-based practices that produce 21st century learners.

Our close-knit community emphasizes family partnerships to ensure each child’s unique academic, social, and emotional needs are met. The average student-to-teacher ratio at Pardes is 7:1, allowing students a great deal of individual attention and fostering a learning environment that feels physically and emotionally safe. Parents are invited to be highly involved in their kindergartner’s school life.

A Nurturing Environment for Young Learners

Kindergarten classrooms create an environment designed to nurture the whole child and help each student reach his or her full potential. Teachers help children grow through:

  • Instilling a lifelong love of learning
  • Creating a classroom community where children feel safe and are able to take risks
  • Encouraging mitzvot and compassion so children have respect – kavod- for fellow students, teachers, and their classroom
  • Building a kindergarten family – mishpacha- where all help each other and take care of each other
  • Feeling the spirit of a nurturing Jewish Community

Daily Activities in Kindergarten

Children enjoy a variety of engaging activities each day. A sample of the activities included in a typical kindergarten day at Pardes include:

  • Morning Meeting (Responsive Classroom)/Opening Routines
  • Reading Workshop
  • Shared Reading of books, poems, songs
  • Interactive Read Aloud
  • Writing Workshop
  • Interactive Writing
  • Small, flexible group instruction/ one-on-one conferencing
  • Wilson FUNdations phonics, spelling, handwriting
  • Math exploration of research-based activities and small-group work
  • STEAM/Makerspace
  • Scientist of the Week
  • Outdoor recess
  • Tefillah / Parsha
  • Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Weekly Family Shabbat celebrations
  • Hebrew
  • Jewish Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • PE

Learn more about Pardes Kindergarten curriculum.

Take the Next Step

We invite you to experience Kindergarten at Pardes Jewish Day School firsthand. Visiting Pardes allows you to see our classrooms, meet our devoted teachers, and learn more about the opportunities available for your child. Discover options to visit Pardes or request more information with our easy online form.