Kindergartners Eagerly Become Scientists of the Week

February 2021 – Recently, our kindergarten classrooms began the annual tradition of a weekly Scientist of the Week. Scientist of the Week is an opportunity for each kindergartner to prepare a science experiment at home and then present their experiment and findings to their whole classroom. The children enjoy learning and participating in peer-led activities, and these science experiments create a special home-school connection. The teachers and classmates make predictions and observations in the classroom while the Scientist of the Week presents his/her experiment. The excitement of the Scientist of the Week as well as the peers’ reactions are always priceless. Kindergarten Scientist of the Week experiments this year have included buoyancy, density, volcanic explosions, making slime and more!

Here’s what two of our recent Scientists of the Week had to say about their experience:

Being the Scientist of the Week was exciting because it was my first science experiment. My mom and dad helped me at home. The big boat had the most quarters before sinking. It was really fun – Sienna

I loved doing the experiment at home and testing it. I loved showing the whole class my experiment. It was about the eruption of a volcano. – Hannah