What grade did you begin at Pardes?

Third Grade

What grade are you currently in at Pardes?

Sixth Grade

What do you love most about Pardes Jewish Day School?

The thing I love most about Pardes is the friends I made there. I have made so many new friends. I also love how welcoming everyone was when I first moved to Pardes.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

One word that describes Pardes is exciting. I chose that word because that is how I feel when I am there at Pardes. I never feel really bored in class and there is always something to do.

Why do you enjoy attending a Jewish Day School?

I enjoy attending a Jewish Day School because I speak Hebrew. I feel like when I went to a different school it just did not feel right. But when I go to this school then I can talk in Hebrew and English.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories at Pardes.

One of my favorite memories in Pardes is the football playoffs. Our quarterback couldn’t play a game so my friend took his place. We played hard and we made it to the championship game, but sadly we lost. It was still a great and fun time because we got to run around all day, play as a team with our friends, and have almost the entire school cheer from the sidelines.