Samantha Lehrman

What grade did you begin at Pardes?


What grade are you currently in at Pardes?

Sixth Grade

What do you love most about Pardes Jewish Day School?

I love the friendships that I made at school and always learning new things.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Supportive, because everyone supports each other and is always each other side.

Why do you enjoy attending a Jewish Day School?

I enjoy attending a Jewish Day School because we can celebrate Jewish holidays, learn a different language, and appreciate teachers and being with friends.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories at Pardes.

One of my favorite memories from school is that we went to California on a school trip.

What would you tell a friend who is thinking about coming to Pardes Jewish Day School?

I would tell a friend that Pardes is a fun, fantastic, and a great school to go to.