School Reopening Plan

Updated July 20, 2020

Naaleh: Our School Reopening Plan

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Important Dates:

First Day of School Virtually:

August 17

First Day of School In-Person:

September 8

Taking the lead from the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Pardes believes that returning to in-person learning is of paramount importance. However, the safety and well being of our students, families, and staff continues to be our top priority, and we can’t turn a blind eye to the current numbers in Arizona. 

We have made the decision to begin the school year on August 17th virtually, utilizing our upgraded, dynamic, interactive online learning platform with live daily classes and wonderful opportunities for community building. On September 8th, we are excited to open our doors for on-campus learning for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade. While we hope to see as many students as possible in person, there will be an online option for families unable to have their child(ren) on campus. As a private school, we do not have to follow the public school requirements determined by the state of Arizona and would only adjust this plan if a statewide shutdown is declared or Covid-19 circumstances deem it impossible to maintain a safe community environment. 

There are many important benefits that led us to the decision to delay in -person learning until September 8:

  • It provides additional time for the number of cases in Arizona to hopefully decrease.
  • We know that increased opportunities to have time outdoors mitigates risks related to Covid-19. Delaying the in-person start date moves us closer to cooler temperatures and the wonderful opportunity for additional learning outdoors.
  • We are able to evaluate other schools throughout the world to see what worked to mitigate the risks of Covid-19.
  • The additional time at home enables all of us to commit to a true community effort of adhering to the guidelines (wearing a face covering, staying at home as much as possible, physically distancing, and monitoring symptoms) thereby mitigating potential risks from recent summer travel. This community commitment will enable every student to begin the school year in person from the same safety vantage point.
  • We are able to begin important community and relationship building. Students and teachers are able to interact in small groups, collaborate, and bond as a classroom community without physical distancing guidelines.

The School Reopening Plan is comprehensive and multi-faceted with the ultimate goal of mitigating risks related to Covid-19 on our campus. As you will see in the booklet, it incorporates new  health and safety protocols, classroom redesign, enhanced cleaning, class pods, additional staffing and much more. As a smaller educational community, Pardes is able to integrate these necessary safety measures and pivot should it be deemed necessary.

Pardes remains as beautiful as ever, but distressingly empty without our faculty and students. We will all need to make adjustments and be flexible because of this pandemic, and we appreciate the incredible parent and school partnership we have with our families. Together we can begin again the wonderfully important work of learning, inquiry, and growth that is the life of the Pardes campus. Together, Naaleh… We can do it!