Inspiring the Next Generation of Students to Social Action

On January 26th, nearly 300 Pardes students fanned out across campus to engage with five uniquely different agencies dedicated to improving life in our communities.  They learned about the important work these agencies do and participate in hands-on activities designed to help each agency fulfill their mission.

This year’s participating agencies included PAWS (providing rehabilitation, sheltering and adoption of homeless cats and dogs), Camp Swift (offering free overnight summer camp programs for disadvantaged youth), Operation Fix-It (helping home-owning seniors with repair and maintenance needs), the Local Veterans Unit, and Arizona Helping Hands (providing basic essentials to boys and girls in Arizona’s foster care system).

The goal of Mitzvah Day is to ignite a flame in our youths’ consciousness, inspiring them to make social action a meaningful part of their lives. “The importance of Mitzvah Day cannot be understated,” emphasizes Pardes Head of School, Peter Gordon. “This is an authentic opportunity for our students and staff to band together to make a real difference in our community. Mitzvah Day, like all we do at Pardes, is rooted in our Core Values. That way all the projects and partnerships we engage in will have a true, lasting impact.”