Leadership Opportunities

The Pardes community takes great pride in giving our students an array of leadership opportunities. Leadership Opportunities enable our students to hone their skills in areas, such as planning, communicating, decision-making and problem-solving.

In Lower School students may take on a Tikkun Olam project and involve his or her classmates. Our kindergartners were inspired to collect dog and cat food after hearing from a representative at a local animal shelter. Each year, our fourth graders lead the Kindergarten – Fourth Grade 100 Day Canned Food Challenge. A few years ago, two third grade students were inspired to make rubber-band bracelets for children in an orphanage in Africa. Encouraging their friends to join their efforts, the third-grade classes made approximately 700 bracelets at recess and after school. Additionally, the third graders made instruction videos in class to be given to the children in Africa. Several months later they saw the footage of the students receiving the bracelets and instructions, which were hand-delivered by the executive director of an organization. Imagine their delight seeing the smile on the children and the results of their hard work!

There are ample leadership opportunities such as Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, P-Tech, and Chief Science Officer are available to our Middle School students. Please visit the drop-down menu to learn more about each one.

The lay and professional leadership of Pardes Jewish Day School takes their role seriously to help create the next generation of Jewish leaders, who will serve in their communities, workplaces, and synagogues.

Student Council

Pardes Jewish Day School Student Council is a leadership training ground available to all Middle School students interested in running for an executive office, senate, or room representative.

Running for one of the executive offices or senate entails a short campaign, a campaign speech, and selection by a ballot vote. Sixth through eighth graders are eligible to run for president while fifth through eighth grade students are eligible to run for vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. All middle school students are eligible to run for a member of senate. Elections are held every year in May.

Our Student Council represents our school by being role models, representing their peers, assisting teachers, administrators, and Kesher (PTO) with school events, and planning social events for their fellow middle school students. Past events have included school dances, movie nights, and off-campus outings, such as Jake’s Unlimited and ice skating.

Chief Science Officer

The Chief Science Officer (CSO) program is an international program in which Pardes middle school students who are passionate about science can participate. The CSO champions campus-wide interest and engagement of STEAM opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) as well as innovation both on and off campus. The Pardes’ CSO is typically elected in seventh grade, but eighth graders are also eligible to apply. When they enter eighth grade they become a member of an elite cohort of over 250 national CSOs who work together to address issues and collaborate as a group. Chief Science Officers participate in the CSO training summer program, where they meet other CSOs and learn about their role. During their tenure, they attended STEAM-related conferences and workshops, and helped organize a station at the Pardes STEAM night!

Student Ambassadors

A Student Ambassador at Pardes Jewish Day School is someone who will represent our school positively and help build community in and out of our school.  You will be responsible for welcoming prospective students and families and assisting staff at events, on and off campus.  You will be representing Pardes as a student who reflects our core values and upholds our school brit.  

What are the qualifications to become a Student Ambassador?  

  • a positive attitude  
  • a strong work ethic  
  • a strong potential for leadership, working with children in preschool through middle school  
  • an ability to meet and start conversations with prospective students and parents  
  • an ability to take initiative and be helpful  

Once accepted as a Student Ambassador, you will be required to attend a training session to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an ambassador.  Most events take place on Sundays throughout the year.