Lower School

Lower School (Kindergarten through fourth grade) is an important time for children to learn, grow, explore and discover. We provide a safe and nurturing Jewish day school environment where young students establish a love of learning while developing the attitudes, habits, interests and values that will follow them throughout life.


Teachers recognize the unique interests and strengths of each child and instruction is developmentally appropriate and based on a student’s age and stage. Faculty use proven, research-based curriculum, applying current best practices.  Teachers embrace and support each child’s personal learning style by meeting students where they are, building their confidence, and helping them learn more effectively, in order to succeed.

  • Students build a strong foundation of academic skills punctuated by the 4C’s of  21st Century Learning: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • Project-based learning is harmoniously interwoven throughout the curriculum.
  • Students form connections between various subjects and the world around them through STEAM activities including time in the Makerspace.
  • Art, music and physical education provide opportunities for students to discover talents and interests beyond the classroom.

Small class sizes mean every student is known and supported, and can feel safe to cultivate independence and take risks.


Technology is integrated into the overall curriculum and used as a tool for teaching and learning. Throughout their five years in Lower School, students gain foundational skills in iPad and computer usage, keyboarding, safe internet practices, creating and editing documents, multimedia presentations, basic coding, and more. By the time students enter fifth grade, they have been given the basic skills to be digitally literate and technologically prepared for our accelerated Middle School program.

Jewish Education

Fostering a love of Judaism and instilling Jewish values begins from the moment a child enters Kindergarten. Throughout their time at Pardes, students are surrounded by Jewish values, culture, education and traditions both in and out of the classroom.  Whether it is learning the aleph-bet, studying the Tanakh or celebrating Jewish holidays, Pardes students form a deep connection to their Jewish identity.

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