Affording Pardes

If you think you can’t afford a world-class private, independent Jewish Day School education, think again!  We’re all about affordability. Many applicants are surprised to learn that tuition assistance is available for a wide range of income levels.

What is the Private School Tuition Tax Credit?

The Private School Tuition Tax Credit encourages Arizona taxpayers to redirect their State income tax to organizations like the Jewish Tuition Organization, to provide educational scholarships to private school students at area Jewish day schools.

What is the Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO)?

The JTO is a School Tuition Organization that provides scholarships to students in local Jewish day schools. Pardes families now have the opportunity to offset as much tuition as they may want through JTO programs, using either or both need-based scholarships and scholarships funded by taxpayer recommendations.

How do I apply for JTO Funds?

Needs-based award:

We encourage everyone to apply for a needs-based award. 47% of our current students received needs-based financial assistance this year, with the average package of almost $10,000 per student. An application is required for needs-based  scholarships. Families must complete the application at TADS. TADS is a third-party financial aid vendor used by the JTO. TADS has instituted an minimal application fee to cover the cost of its reviews of all applications. A few details about the TADS application:

  • Be sure to check the box that will send the application to JTO.
  • Applications open on January 15.
  • Applications are due no later than April 15. Application submitted after the date will be awarded based upon money still available through the JTO.
  • Submit your application as soon as possible, even if you don’t have your tax return prepared yet. You can upload the needed documentation as soon as you have it ready.

Taxpayer-recommended award:

If you receive needs-based funds from the JTO, you can supplement these funds with taxpayer-recommended funds to further offset your out-of pocket tuition expense. If you do not receive needs-based funds from the JTO, you can still opt to solicit Arizona taxpayers who are not currently supporting the JTO and ask them to support your children with their tax credit dollars. In order to receive taxpayer-recommended awards, you will need to complete a short application on the JTO website.  That application is coming soon.

How do I support the JTO with my own tax credit?

If you are applying for a needs-based award and file Arizona state taxes, you will be required to support the JTO. It doesn’t cost you anything as it is a dollar-for-dollar credit towards your State income taxes.  You can visit to contribute.  Please recommend that your contribution goes to the Pardes Fund at the bottom section of the page. Even if you aren’t applying for a needs-based award, we encourage you to take the tax credit for Pardes.

Who should I contact with questions?

We are here to help you. If you have any questions about financial assistance or would like to meet in person to discuss your family’s specific situation, please contact Patti Evans, Chief Financial Officer, at or 480-­991-­9141, ext. 107. She’ll work to understand your circumstances and craft the best options for your family.

A school tuition organization cannot award, restrict or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of donor recommendation. A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent. Consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice.