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Our physical campus may be closed but our robust online program and focus on our Pardes community keeps us strong and connected.

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A Dynamic World-Class Education

We prepare students to excel in high school and beyond through an innovative curriculum taught by dedicated educators.

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A Commitment to 21st Century Learning

We inspire critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity at all grade levels through project-based learning.

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A Strong and Meaningful Jewish Identity

We create authentic opportunities for Jewish learning, values and celebration instilling a lifelong connection to Judaism.

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A Welcoming School Community

We value each student's individual strengths enabling them to thrive in a safe and inclusive school environment

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Graduates Who Impact the World

We cultivate students to become confident, dedicated and responsible future leaders in Jewish and secular communities.

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We welcome you to Pardes!

Pardes Jewish Day School offers an exceptional kindergarten through eighth grade education in a community infused with Jewish values. Through excellent academics and a nurturing environment, Pardes prepares confident lifelong learners grounded in their unique Jewish identities. The school’s caring, joyful, and challenging learning environment instills in its students a growth mindset that encourages risk-taking, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. We invite you to explore the benefits of a Pardes Jewish Day School education.

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  • 7:1 student to teacher ratio
  • 60% of Middle School students participate on 13 athletic teams
  • 100% of students participate in Tikkun Olam (community service)
  • 75% of Middle School students take two foreign languages (Hebrew and Spanish)
  • 51 students in grades 4-8 participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad

Authentic People, Amazing Stories

Bradley - Pardes Class of 2015; Phoenix Country Day School Class of 2019: University of Georgia, Honors College Class of 2023

The thing I loved the most about Pardes was the tight-knit community that was formed among the students and the faculty. Everyone knows one another. The school is more like big family, which enabled me to form life-long bonds.

Simone - Pardes Class of 2014, Chaparral High School Class of 2018, Georgetown University Class of 2022

I think the sense of confidence I gained from attending Pardes Jewish Day School has served me well in my academic career. Being in small classes as a young student allowed me to feel comfortable in the classroom and sure in my abilities. Additionally, the teachers I had challenged me academically to ensure that I…

Noah - Pardes Class of 2015, Chaparral High School Class of 2019, Vanderbilt University Class of 2023

I know there are plenty of options for elementary and middle schools in Arizona; however, Pardes is more than just a school. It is a tightly knit Jewish community where every student can cultivate their Jewish identity while having their educational needs met on a personal level.

Leah - Pardes Class of 2010, University of Arizona Honors College (Flinn Scholar), Class of 2018

I can't emphasize enough how much I loved and still love my classmates and the Pardes community. My friends from Pardes are still some of my closest friends. Throughout high school and our undergraduate years we kept in touch and had reunions over breaks. It is incredible to see how strong the ties are within…

Jacob - Pardes Class of 2011, Harvard University Class of 2020

I loved the teachers. I’ve never met a collective group of professionals that shares such a deep passion for their work. They truly want every student that walks in their door to have a transformational experience, to not simply improve at math and science and reading, but to improve at being a human being, to…

Jackson - Pardes Class of 2010, The University of Southern California Class of 2018

I believe that the Pardes community shaped me into a person that truly cares for others, and gave me the basis for skills and values that I have needed and will continue to need to succeed. Pardes provided me with an exceptional educational background that propelled me forward into further success not only academically, but…

Dylan - Pardes Class of 2017; Phoenix Country Day School Class of 2021

Pardes prepared me for life in more ways that I can imagine.  Most importantly, Pardes brought me out of my shell. I used to be very shy but not after my experiences at Pardes.  I now feel prepared to to anything I set my mind to as a result of the confidence and security that…

The Gorny Family

I believe our kids are given the confidence and support to reach their full potential. Pardes gives them an opportunity to flourish in a safe, loving environment, and to be strong independent thinkers.

The Schwartz Family

Pardes is a family...one that strives to develop insightful, questioning, independent learners in its students in a supportive, nurturing yet rigorous academic environment.

The Kravets Family

We love the warm and welcoming community at Pardes as well as the amazing faculty and staff.  The teachers are top-notch and really care about the students and their progress.

The Bycer Family

Not only did our daughter learn to read in just one year at Pardes, but her amazing kindergarten teachers instilled in her an incredible excitement for learning and reading. She now loves to read bedtime stories to the whole family! It is adorable to watch her read to her younger sister and brother -  in…

The Rush Family

Our family’s experience at Pardes over the past four years has been positive, supportive and genuine. From the moment we arrived, the teachers and staff made us feel welcome. Pardes also has a beautiful, warm and inviting campus. We look forward to sending our youngest when he’s ready to start kindergarten.

The Ozer Family

We love that Pardes has small class sizes, fantastic teachers, gives personal attention to each child  and has a wonderful, warm community.

Jacob - Second Grader

Welcome!  This is the best school, the people are so kind, we get to celebrate Shabbat every week and every year we get to do a Color War!

Leah - Sixth Grader

I would tell a friend that he or she will never regret coming to Pardes and won't ever want to leave. It is a place where you will feel safe and welcomed, and a place where you can really embrace who you are and people love you for it. It's a place where you can…

Marina - Eighth Grade

Pardes has prepared me for high school by teaching me how act right in class and be respectful, as well as set me up with a multitude of amazing academic skills in every class I have had.  Pardes has shown me that patience is the key to success, which I think will help me a…

Nate - Seventh Grade

One of my favorite experiences  was when I was on the Pardes football team and the quarterback threw me a pass in the end zone. I caught it and we scored a touchdown. Everyone was cheering and really excited and that made me really happy.

Mrs. Nicole Stokes - Third Grade Teacher

I love having the freedom to teach and differentiate the learning in my classroom for each student every year. My classroom never looks the same and the learning looks different based on the group of children I have, which it keeps it fun, fresh and always engaging!

Mrs. Laurie Burckhardt - Middle School Math and Science Teacher

I have over 20 years of experience working with diverse learners, so I am adept at personalizing and adapting the educational experience for each student. I am constantly learning myself and pushing myself to improve. My lessons are hands-on, active and experiential. This makes the learning outcomes enjoyable and accessible for every student. Most of…

Mrs. Anna Lock - Eighth Grade Humanities Teacher

I rarely teach the same curriculum from year to year because I believe the world is rapidly changing, and I want to prepare my students to be innovators, excellent citizens, upstanders, and creative thinkers. I want them to embrace and enjoy learning and to understand the value in themselves and hard work.  I also educate…

Mrs. Addi Fraser - Kindergarten Teacher

I have a passion to make learning creative, exciting, and memorable. I believe learning is most impactful through experiential and hands-on methods. I continuously work towards creating opportunities that foster love of learning and curiosity in all my students.

Mrs. Jessie Rubenstein - Jewish Studies Teacher

I love the sense of community here at Pardes. The students feel connected to one another and to their teachers, and the parents know that they are part of this community as well. The way the students interact with one another is unique- the older kids play with and include the younger kids, acting as…

A World-Class Education Grounded In Jewish Values.

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