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Pardes Jewish Day School offers an exceptional kindergarten through eighth grade education in a community infused with Jewish values. Through excellent academics and a nurturing environment, Pardes prepares confident lifelong learners grounded in their unique Jewish identities. The school’s caring, joyful, and challenging learning environment instills in its students a growth mindset that encourages risk-taking, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. We invite you to explore the benefits of a Pardes Jewish Day School education.

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  • 8:1 student to teacher ratio
  • 74% of 4th - 8th graders participate on 14 athletic teams
  • 100% of students participate in Tikkun Olam (community service)
  • 75% of Middle School students take two foreign languages (Hebrew and Spanish)
  • 100% of Pardes faculty members participate in Professional Development opportunities.

Authentic People, Amazing Stories

Bradley - Pardes Class of 2015; Phoenix Country Day School Class of 2019: University of Georgia, Honors College Class of 2023

The thing I loved the most about Pardes was the tight-knit community that was formed among the students and the faculty. Everyone knows one another. The school is more like big family, which enabled me to form life-long bonds.

Simone - Pardes Class of 2014, Chaparral High School Class of 2018, Georgetown University Class of 2022

I think the sense of confidence I gained from attending Pardes Jewish Day School has served me well in my academic career. Being in small classes as a young student allowed me to feel comfortable in the classroom and sure in my abilities. Additionally, the teachers I had challenged me academically to ensure that I…

Noah - Pardes Class of 2015, Chaparral High School Class of 2019, Vanderbilt University Class of 2023

I know there are plenty of options for elementary and middle schools in Arizona; however, Pardes is more than just a school. It is a tightly knit Jewish community where every student can cultivate their Jewish identity while having their educational needs met on a personal level.

Leah - Pardes Class of 2010, University of Arizona Honors College (Flinn Scholar), Class of 2018

I can't emphasize enough how much I loved and still love my classmates and the Pardes community. My friends from Pardes are still some of my closest friends. Throughout high school and our undergraduate years we kept in touch and had reunions over breaks. It is incredible to see how strong the ties are within…

Jacob - Pardes Class of 2011, Harvard University Class of 2020

I loved the teachers. I’ve never met a collective group of professionals that shares such a deep passion for their work. They truly want every student that walks in their door to have a transformational experience, to not simply improve at math and science and reading, but to improve at being a human being, to…

Jackson - Pardes Class of 2010, The University of Southern California Class of 2018

I believe that the Pardes community shaped me into a person that truly cares for others, and gave me the basis for skills and values that I have needed and will continue to need to succeed. Pardes provided me with an exceptional educational background that propelled me forward into further success not only academically, but…

The Berkowitz Family

Pardes provides a warm atmosphere with excellent staff, small class size and exceptional academics that are tailored to an ever changing world.

The Mandelbaum Family

We have been part of the Pardes community for the past 11 years and it was the best decision we made for our children and our family.

The Erlich/Hollingworth Family

We love the teachers, leadership, small classes, Judaic studies, Hebrew and well-rounded curriculum that includes an innovative approach to child learning.

The Gorny Family

I believe our kids are given the confidence and support to reach their full potential. Pardes gives them an opportunity to flourish in a safe, loving environment, and to be strong independent thinkers.

The Schwartz Family

Pardes is a family...one that strives to develop insightful, questioning, independent learners in its students in a supportive, nurturing yet rigorous academic environment.

The Bycer Family

Not only did our daughter learn to read in just one year at Pardes, but her amazing kindergarten teachers instilled in her an incredible excitement for learning and reading. She now loves to read bedtime stories to the whole family! It is adorable to watch her read to her younger sister and brother -  in…

Noam - Seventh Grader

I would tell a friend who's thinking about coming to Pardes that they will really enjoy it here and that even through rough times like quarantine, they were able to make it so we still learned and still had fun.

Yukimi - Fourth Grader

I love attending Pardes because it is cozy and welcoming. They also have so many subjects that I love.

Jacob - Fifth Grader

Even if it's your first day at Pardes you'll feel like your surrounded by mensches. You'll feel included and welcomed to the Pardes community.

Ms. Ruthie Joseph - Jewish Studies Teacher

As a faculty, we are always evolving. We work in an environment that fosters collaboration and offers exceptional professional development opportunities. While every teacher brings a unique skill set to the table, we are bound by common values. We teach kindness, tolerance and respect.

Ms. Jessica Levine - First Grade Teacher

Pardes Jewish Day School produces students that are prepared for ongoing learning and are equipped with the 4 C's of 21st century learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Ms. Sara Lovstrom - Athletic Director

Teaching at Pardes is special to me because I get to work with teachers who truly care about the kids they teach. To me Pardes is not only a school, but a community and a family.

Ms. Jennifer Adams - Music Theater Teacher

Pardes truly provides a well-rounded 21st century learning environment. Rigorous academics, all varieties of the arts, different sports, religion and culture - they provide it all. There is something for every interest - in and out of the classroom. The community culture is strong at Pardes and I'm proud to be a part!

Ms. Sara Abrams - Middle School Humanities Teacher

Academics at Pardes feel timely and current as we are constantly evolving our curriculum with students at the very center, so students benefit from this approach by taking part in one-on-one conferences, small group work, and developing as independent 21st Century Learners.

Ms. Allison Clark - Middle School Math Teacher

The Pardes community provides smaller classes which allows for teachers to really get to know their students. Students aren't just another name in the classroom. They become part of the family and the teachers do everything they can to help them succeed. Students can meet with teachers before school, during lunch, or after school. Teachers…

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