The Pardes Fund

Let’s Grow Our Pardes: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence at Pardes Jewish Day School

Donation to the Pardes Annual Fund

When you make a donation to Pardes, you are directly contributing to the enhancement of our educational programs, the enrichment of our students’ learning experiences, and the overall advancement of our school community. When you donate to the Pardes Annual Fund, up to 28% is a federal tax write-off, depending on your income level. 

Allocating Tax Dollars

Arizona offers a unique opportunity for you to allocate your tax dollars to Pardes through the Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program. This program allows you to redirect a portion of your state income tax dollars to support our school.

Make a Pledge or Schedule a One-Time Payment or Recurring Gift

New this year: Donors have the option to make a pledge or schedule a one-time payment or recurring gift. Click on the donate button and select the option or email our advancement team:

Our Seven Pillars

In celebration of Pardes’ 30th anniversary, we invite you to support our school and our growth by contributing to the Pardes Fund. When you contribute, you can indicate your support of one of the seven pillars below each representing a new tree planted in Our Pardes (orchard), contributing to the growth of our school’s mission: 

1. Endowment Growth (גידול הפרדס): Cultivate the future of our school by contributing to our endowment, ensuring a legacy of excellence in secular and Jewish education for generations to come.

2. Academic Empowerment (לימודים): Expand our curriculum, offer an inclusive educational experience for all students, and provide resources for academic excellence, including Beast Academy Math and support for diverse learning needs.

3. Teacher Development (צוות): Support ongoing professional development for our staff, create an attractive work environment, and retain exceptional faculty members.

4. Facility Enhancement (בִּניָן): Improve our physical spaces, equip classrooms, and invest in technology and innovation to keep our school at the forefront of education.

5. Community & Culture (קהילה): Strengthen our community through holiday celebrations, parent speaker series, and family shabbatonim, promoting Jewish culture and values.

6. Arts & Creativity (אמנויות): Celebrate creativity through art classes, music lessons, drama productions, and cultural events, connecting students with their heritage.

7. Israel Education (טיולים לישראל): Enhance students’ understanding and connection to Israel through educational programs, the 8th-grade trip, and immersive experiences.