Middle School

Middle School (fifth to eighth grade) is a time to develop independence, discover individual talents, and connect newly acquired knowledge to more abstract and complex issues. Students engage in challenging academics that prepare them for the rigors of high school and college while continuing to strengthen their Jewish identity.  

Developing critical thinking skills

Whether they are in the science lab learning to conduct an experiment, in the Makerspace creating stop motion animations, crafting persuasive essays, or studying algebra, Middle School students are gaining the critical thinking skills needed for life. They engage in real-world discussions, problem-solve, and collaborate with peers in and out of the classroom. Enthusiasm rises to new levels as they apply learning and skills to causes about which they are passionate.


Appreciation for developmental transitions

Middle School students are in a time of transition as they grow from childhood to adolescence. Our talented Middle School faculty is dedicated to  helping guide them through what can be a challenging time in their lives.

Through our Advisory Program every student in sixth through eighth grade is assigned an advisor who is a member of the Middle School faculty.  The advisor acts as a mentor, celebrating their achievements, guiding them through challenges, and watching over their academic progress in partnership with parents. Having a trusted advisor helps ensure no student falls through the cracks.

Growing in responsibility   

Students have a more active role in organizing and planning their daily school routine, taking ownership of their learning experience and understanding their role as leaders within the school community. Pardes offers Middle School students a variety of leadership opportunities.

Exploring unique talents

Our Middle School Students are offered  a rich variety of programs to meet a broad range of talents and interests. Programs extend to:

  • performing arts
  • athletics
  • Signature programs
  • electives

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