Parsha Page – Ki Tavo; 9/1/2018

Shabbat Shalom! This week’s parsha, Ki Tavo, opens with stating the mitzvah to bring the first fruits of the field to the Temple in the promised land. One should bring the fruits of their labor as an offering to be shared with the Cohanim (Priests), Levi’im (Levites), and the “stranger in your midst”. Fun fact: this is where we get the text for the “My Father was a Wandering Aramean” portion in our Haggadot which we read on Pesach. We also are given the commandment to set aside tithes from our field for the poor, widow, and stranger in our land.

In this week’s parsha, Moses is beginning to wrap up his farewell speech to the Israelites. He reminds them that God treasures them, and that they are a people holy to Adonai. Moses directs half the tribes to stand on one mountain and half on another mountain. He then delivers a series of blessings and curses; blessing if they obey the Teaching of Adonai, and curse if they do not. Moses recounts the miracles performed by God for the people, and reminds them to hold fast to the Teachings of God.


  1. What does it mean to be in a community?
  2. Why should we share our food with those less fortunate?
  3. How do we show that we are a holy people?