A Closer Look at Campus Safety: How Pardes Protects Students

We know that a sense of safety and security is one of the most important gifts we can give our children. Both physical and emotional safety are essential to building relationships, learning to trust others,  establishing a sense of self-confidence, and focusing on learning. Just as you strive to help your children feel safe and secure at home, Pardes Jewish Day School works hard to help both parents and students know that Pardes is a place of physical and emotional safety.  

Students are Known and Supported

A low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to get to know each and every student. Teachers create a culture in each classroom that promotes the Jewish values of kindness and respect. In addition, our project-based curriculum and responsive classroom models allow students to regularly work together in ways that foster relationships and help each child more fully develop their own gifts.

Students Create a Safe Community for One Another

At Pardes, each of the students plays an active role in building and maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment. Kavod (respect) is at the very bedrock of all that we do here. In fact, it’s one of the four pillars of our community brit (contract): 

Kindness   אדיבות

Respect   כבוד

Mindfulness   מודעות קשובה

Responsibility  אחריות אישית

Students see these four words in English and Hebrew each day because we have them posted throughout campus. We reinforce the value of these things at every opportunity. It is wonderful to see the students naturally begin to take ownership of them and work together to live out the community brit each day. 

As our students are learning and growing into these values, when there is an issue, we address it appropriately and immediately. Our full-time school counselor and nurse are also here to provide additional support for students, along with all the faculty and staff. 

Campus Security

Pardes recognizes the importance of physical safety and has a number of measures in place. 

  • Restricted Campus Access – A gated campus that is locked after morning drop-off helps prevent unauthorized persons from entering the campus. 
  • Security Team – We have an off-duty Scottsdale police officer on campus everyday and special protocols for after school events and activities. 
  • Surveillance Technology – Cameras placed throughout the campus allow security officers and administrators to monitor activity. 

Emergency Preparedness

Pardes has detailed plans for handling safety incidents from start to finish. We’ve also collaborated with local law enforcement to be sure we have best practices in place. All teachers are trained in safety precautions. In addition, regular fire and lockdown drills ensure that students also know what to do in the event of an emergency. 

A Commitment to a Joyful Community

We believe that school should remain a joyful place for students, free from worry and distraction. While we’ve gone to great lengths to create physical safety, we have also strived to keep Pardes feeling like a community where students feel confident, loved, and ready to grow. 

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions about Pardes, you can use the chat feature on our website or contact us online.  We also always welcome your phone call at 480-991-9141.