The Five Pillars of Pardes Jewish Education

The key philosophies and beliefs by which we design and implement Jewish Education at Pardes:

Jewish Tradition:

We believe that learning and experiencing Jewish prayer, tradition, ritual, and culture enables students to form personal connections with the Jewish faith and develop their own spirituality. Through the learning of Hebrew, history and the celebration of Jewish holidays, we provide opportunities for students to relate with the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and their Jewish heritage.

Academic Excellence:

We believe that in order to educate students to the highest standards of Jewish thought, we must provide a rigorous and stimulating academic program.  Pardes teachers are committed to challenge our students to think critically, analyze information, and draw intelligent conclusions.  Our students understand that they must be life-long learners, always aware how to find and synthesize information, and use this information to develop their intellectual growth.


We believe that leadership takes many forms, and that every student is capable of developing leadership skills. Pardes graduates strive to be successful learners and young leaders who are committed to take an active role in the Jewish community and the global society throughout their lives.

Jewish Values:

We believe that teaching Jewish ethics and values while discussing their real-life applications prepares students for making moral decisions every day. We empower our students to embrace Jewish values in all aspects of their lives.


We believe that fostering relationships between students, faculty and parents is essential to maintaining a vibrant Jewish Day School. Pardes is committed to providing students with opportunities to expand our kehillah (community) to the broader Jewish community.