Calling On All Future Publishers

May 11, 2018 – It’s never too early to learn what it takes to become a publisher! The Fourth Grade Annual Book Publisher’s Convention is an exciting opportunity for students to experience what it’s like to select a book they enjoy and market it to “potential bookstore representatives”.

This was another successful year for the convention. Each young publisher set up their own booth where they displayed their book alongside a creative poster presenting their book summary, three clear reasons why a bookseller should want to purchase their book, the demographics of their target audience, and other details and photos.  Dozens of families and friends turned out to hear what they had to say.

In addition to their exhibits, each publisher gave a verbal presentation to each “bookstore representative” who visited their booth. The students were well prepared,  professionally dressed, articulate, confident and interacted like true professionals. Visitors left very impressed by the experience.

“The Publisher’s Convention is a valuable hands on opportunity for students to creatively incorporate their artistic, written, and presentation skills and to gain confidence in themselves” explains fourth grade teacher Melinda Berko.  “As they gain more practice, they can tweek what they say each time, or not. It’s a valuable learning experience,” she emphasises. It may only be “mock” for now but perhaps this experience will inspire a future author or publisher from within our midsts.