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Pardes Kindergarten E-Book: Joy & Wonder

What makes kindergarten at Pardes unique?

Find out in our kindergarten e-book.

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A learning environment that promotes independence and fosters kindness. 

Kindergarten is an opportunity to introduce little learners to valuable skills they’ll need for success in school and life. Opportunities for social and emotional development — problem solving, empathy, self-awareness, listening, and taking turns — are woven into the school day, whether during recess or an activity led by our school counselor in the kindergarten classroom.

Our kindergartners flourish through:

Differentiated learning

All Pardes teachers are trained in differentiation methods. They take time to get to know each student — where they are academically and how they learn best — so they can accelerate or remediate lessons to meet each individual student’s needs.

A project-based approach

Project Based Learning helps students acquire deep content knowledge and develop important skills, such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Students learn by asking questions and trying out different solutions, an approach that will serve them throughout school, college, and careers.

A stimulating environment

From our new kindergarten playground to our newly redesigned classrooms with flexible seating, our spaces are designed for engagement and  learning. Pardes’ Makerspace is an interdisciplinary experience for students to tap into their creativity through activities such as programming KIBO robots and BeeBots, and participating in design challenges with Legos and recycled materials.

Jewish community and values

Jewish values, rituals, language, and culture are integrated throughout the school experience as early as kindergarten. In addition to their Hebrew and Jewish studies classes, kindergartners are engaged in Parshat Hashavuah (the weekly Torah portion), weekly Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat; special holiday celebrations; and Tikkun Olam projects.