Knock Out Hunger Cereal Box Challenge

For the past few weeks, students at Pardes Jewish Day School held a cereal box donation drive with the goal of collecting over 1,000 boxes of cereal to be donated towards food insecurity in our local community. Each grade level competed for who could collect the most cereal boxes, and the winner was announced at Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, May 5. The winner was the first-grade class!

Today, in celebration of Lag B’Omer the cereal boxes were lined up like dominos and stretched from the beginning of the kindergarten classrooms, down the second and third-grade corridor, across the gaga pit, and onto the sports court by the Kaufman Valdes Middle School. The final hundred cereal boxes spiraled into the center of the court. From the second floor of the middle school, our upper grades watched and cheered as the lower school had the responsibility of helping ensure the boxes didn’t fall prematurely!

After the domino challenge was completed every student helped collect the boxes and package them for delivery at The Kosher Food Bank and The Valley Beit Midrash. This was the first year that Pardes participated in a cereal box challenge like this, but it won’t be the last! An event focused on Tikkun Olam was the perfect way to celebrate Lag B’Omer and teach our students about helping fight food insecurity. Thank you to our Kesher volunteers who helped lead the collection, count boxes daily, and deliver all of the cereal to the food banks.