Pardes Panthers Sports Banquet

May 5 – “We are here this morning to recognize our student athletes and their hard work and dedication to the athletic program,” began Sara Lovstrom. Addressing a room of some 100 players, parents and coaches at the annual Panthers Sports Banquet, the Pardes Athletics Director spoke about everything from the school’s no cuts, everyone plays philosophy to the emphasis on good character, leadership, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude.  She highlighted the importance of perseverance, and the pride and joy of accomplishments felt by our students and their parents.

Three awards were given to each team – the most inspirational, most improved and most valuable. Overall, attributes included qualities like hard work, a positive attitude,  leadership, inspiration and dedication. “Although we only give out three awards for each team,” said Coach Lovstrom, “every player is a valued member of the team they play on.”

During the event, each team was recognized. Athletes were applauded for personal growth and teamwork – whether they began the season highly proficient at their sport or had never played before. Sports included volleyball, football, soccer, basketball and tennis.

The final highlight of the morning was the announcement of three major awards. The Ironman Award is given to all athletes grades 4th-8th who participate in all 3 sports seasons. This year 30 athletes qualified!

The Athlete of the Year award went to Jacob W. for the boys and Rachel W. for the girls. To qualify, athletes must play in all three sports seasons and be a leader both on and off the court, maintain good grades and be a good citizen and member of our community.

The Panther Award is given to one male and one female in Fourth through Eighth grade. The recipient must strive for excellence on their sports teams, in the classroom and in their community. They must be inspirational on and off the court, leaders by word and action, hard working, kind and respectful. Receiving the Panther award is an honor because these athletes have made a positive impact on the lives of the people around them.  And the winners were….. Emma L. and Leo R.!

Go Panthers!