Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves a vital role in private education.  Board members are the stewards of the school’s mission and values, while focusing on its present and future financial strength and well being. They work hard to make strategic decisions that benefit the students, families and faculty of the school.

  • Aviva Gorny, President
  • Chanie Gluck-Yetnikoff, Co-Vice President
  • Raphael Avraham, Co-Vice President
  • Dina Mandelbaum, Secretary
  • David Spierer, Treasurer
  • Suzy Berkowitz
  • Sandrine Ahdoot Belegou
  • Tricia Beron
  • Maya Davidson
  • Dan Gafni
  • Steve Lee
  • Carrie Lehrman
  • Rabbi John Linder
  • Elliot Rabinovich
  • Paul Rosenberg
  • Meredith Ryan
  • Suzanne Swift