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Pardes Jewish Day School

You want your child to develop a deep love of learning and strong Jewish identity from an early age. You know an insatiable curiosity and a drive to problem solve means they’ll be successful at any endeavor.

At Pardes Jewish Day School, we make the most of a child’s innate desire to understand the world around them. Our integrated secular and Judaic curriculums center around 21st century learning, hands on activities and innovative practices. Our students learn to be creative, think critically, collaborate, and communicate effectively. Pardes graduates have the knowledge and skills needed for a challenging, college-preparatory high school experience.

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Whether this is your child’s first classroom experience or they’re a seasoned preschooler, kindergarten at Pardes is designed to engage curious minds and build self confidence as children prepare for lower school. Project Based Learning and multi-sensory hands-on activities keep active learners interested in core content areas, including literacy, math, Hebrew and Jewish studies, and science and innovation. Physical education along with performing and fine arts round out the kindergarten experience.   

Lower School (Grades 1-4)

Lower school students are actively engaged in their education as they become independent learners and thinkers. Through cross-curricular integration, they gain a solid understanding of how subjects are interconnected. Core content includes reading and writing workshop, math, science, social studies, Hebrew and Jewish studies. Weekly specials include Makerspace, PE, and the performing and visual arts. STEAM activities are combined with Project Based Learning opportunities, helping students develop vital skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Middle school means the opportunity to explore personal interests and passions with support and mentorship as students navigate this transformative time in their lives. At Pardes, student engagement remains paramount as middle schoolers are given ample opportunities to foster confidence and responsibility in a safe environment. In addition to a challenging and engaging academic curriculum, middle schoolers participate in athletics, leadership roles, after school activities, and clubs. The middle school advisory program fosters a strong sense of connection and helps students manage their time, stay focused, and prioritize long-term goals. Our dedicated teachers really get to know their students and can differentiate learning according to the individual student’s needs. 

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“Pardes has been instrumental in our children’s social and academic growth. We believe Pardes did an outstanding job, both socially and academically, of preparing our boys for the future, as they have subsequently flourished in high school and are ready to tackle whatever is thrown their way in life. As we prepare to send our oldest child to college, we know that he will bring with him a strong and confident Jewish identity while being prepared and ready for social and academic success — all of which Pardes helped instill. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our children to Pardes from kindergarten through eighth grade.”

– Julie and Jeremy Marks, parents of Sammy ’18, Andrew ’19, Matthew ’23

Why Families Choose Pardes

Multi-sensory exploration.

Through Project Based Learning and STEAM integration, Pardes students are mastering content alongside important skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Just ask our first graders — they engage in a shuk (market) project that starts with creating a business plan with their homeroom teacher, then designing their market booths in our Makerspace, creating goods in art class to sell in their booths, and incorporating Hebrew and Jewish studies as they learn about Israeli shuk concepts.

Incorporating social emotional learning

Skills such as self-discipline, patience, empathy, and social awareness are incredibly important for success in any endeavor. Through our Responsive Classroom model and classes centered around social-emotional skills, Pardes teachers take a holistic approach to learning, helping to ensure students have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values they need to move through life with confidence.

Utilizing advanced technology.

We’ve invested in emerging technologies in our classrooms, our Makerspace, and around our campus so students are familiar and comfortable using tomorrow’s technology today. Students are encouraged to explore, discover, tinker, create, and invent using a variety of tools and materials, software, electronics, and 3D printers. In addition to our Director of Makerspace, we have a dedicated technology integration specialist on staff who oversees the technology, its infrastructure, and how it’s incorporated into the curriculum and Project Based Learning.

Intentional class sizes. Exceptional educators.

Your child will be in a class that is small enough to offer personalized attention and the benefit of fewer distractions, but also large enough to ensure the right amount of peer interaction. Additionally, we have empowered our faculty to be life-long learners. Pardes educators are committed to staying in-the-know regarding latest research in best practices in teaching and educational methods — 100% of Pardes faculty members participate in high level professional development programs at top institutions around the country.

The authentic teaching of Jewish values.

Jewish life is central to the Pardes student experience. We integrate Jewish values, rituals, language, and culture throughout all aspects of the student experience. In addition to Hebrew and Jewish studies class, students come together for Tefillah services and weekly Torah study. Students at all grade levels enjoy our school-wide Mitzvah Days providing them with the opportunity to give back to greater Jewish and secular communities.

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