Academics Overview

Academics at Pardes Jewish Day School combine a challenging secular 21st Century Learning curriculum featuring innovative practices and Project Based Learning with a Jewish Studies program designed to reinforce a strong Jewish identity and which finds meaningful ways to bring Judaism into contemporary life.  Students learn to be creative, think critically, collaborate and communicate. Graduates are given the knowledge and skills needed for a rigorous, college-preparatory high school experience.

Research-Based Teaching Practices

Our highly skilled teachers use the best research-based practices to ensure all students are challenged, successful and prepared for the next level of learning.  Faculty members continuously participate in professional development opportunities across the country, bringing back cutting edge practices and enthusiastically incorporating them  into our classrooms.

Technology as a Learning Tool

As a Future Ready school, Pardes integrates technology into the classroom to foster an environment of active, student-centered learning and engagement and  is used as a tool for both teaching and learning. Technology literally meets project based learning in our state-of-the-art Markerspace, an innovation space specially designed for students to explore, discover, tinker, create and invent using a variety of tools and materials, software, electronics and 3D printers.  Student presentations in a variety of subject areas utilize cutting edge technologies resulting in more memorable and impactful learning experiences. Seventh and Eighth grade students are given the unique opportunity to share their thoughts and passions on the world stage by exploring, researching and developing presentations through Ted-Ed Talks.

Nurturing the Whole Child 

Social and emotional skills are increasingly recognized as a vital component of “what it means to be an educated person”. Teachers take an overall holistic approach to learning, helping to ensure students have  the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to move through life with confidence.

Jewish Life and Learning

Jewish life on campus extends beyond Hebrew and Jewish studies classes. We integrate Jewish values, rituals, language and culture throughout all aspects of each child’s school experience. Our students are surrounded by Judaism throughout their day.

Visit Our Classroom

You  are welcome to visit our classrooms to see our students and teachers in action. Simply complete our online form or call us at 480-991-9141 to arrange a time to visit.