Mission and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

Pardes Jewish Day School prepares students to become outstanding members of society through a rigorous secular and Judaic education, a nurturing community, and a foundation in Reform Judaism that welcomes all Jewish traditions.

Our Neshama – “Our Soul”

Pardes Jewish Day School embraces students from diverse Jewish backgrounds. Our school community is founded on common Jewish values that are espoused by all denominations. We impact and enrich our students’ Jewish identities through the teaching of Jewish thought, culture, and ritual. We are committed to igniting our students’ curiosity in order to instill life-long learning and to find meaningful ways to bring Judaism into contemporary life.

At Pardes Jewish Day School, we strive to live by the following Core Values:

עבודת הלב  – Avodat Halev – Service of the Heart

We help our students to discover their own spirituality and relationship with God through ritual and prayer.

עברית – Ivrit – Hebrew

We strengthen our bond with the Jewish people and our ability to study Jewish texts by learning the Hebrew language.

כבוד – Kavod – Respect

We respect the different ways Jews engage in their relationship with God and our traditions. We practice respectful communication and interaction between students, parents, teachers and staff

לדור ודור – L’dor V’dor – From Generation to Generation

We recognize the generational aspect of Jewish life.  We value knowing who we are and from where we came, and we rejoice in our obligation to pass that knowledge on to our students, continuing the chain of tradition.

תלמוד תורה – Talmud Torah – Study of Torah

We study Bible as an inspiring resource for strong values, moral commitments, and ways of experiencing the world, leading to positive actions and living a meaningful life.

תיקון עולם – Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World

We care for God’s creations by pursuing social justice, peace, freedom, equality and the restoration of the environment.

כלל ישראל – Klal Yisrael – People of Israel

We guide our students to develop connections with the Jewish people, the State of Israel and our diverse community