What grade did you begin at Pardes?


What grade are you currently in at Pardes?

Fifth Grade

What do you love most about Pardes Jewish Day School?

I enjoy the athletic department of Pardes because it doesn’t matter how good you are at the sport, it just matters that you enjoy, have fun, and improve in the sport you choose. I also enjoy being around kind and joyful teachers and students.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

Mensch. I chose the word mensch because that’s what everyone there is: a mensch. Even if it’s your first day at Pardes you’ll feel like your surrounded by mensches. You’ll feel included and welcomed to the Pardes community.

Why do you enjoy attending a Jewish Day School?

I really enjoy Jewish studies class and all the teachers that have taught me. I will carry those memories and teachings all through until 8th grade, and then through high school and college.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories at Pardes.

My favorite memory at Pardes was going there for the first time. When I stepped into the kindergarten classroom for the first time I immediately felt welcomed and knew this would be the best school. Then throughout every day and year I’ve been at Pardes I love it I love going to the classroom and seeing my friends and teachers.

What would you tell a friend who is thinking about coming to Pardes Jewish Day School?

I would say that Pardes is an amazing school with amazing teachers and amazing students. There are so many fun and exciting activities and field trips you go on and the amazing things you get to do on them. And they will never want to leave.