100+18 Jews: An Exploration of the Jewish People Throughout History

February 1 –  When we think of famous Jews in history, the patriarchs and matriarchs naturally come to mind.  Expanding on that theme, Pardes Third through Sixth graders celebrated 100+18 Jews: An Exploration of the Jewish People Throughout History.  Tying in with the 100th Day of School celebrations, each student was assigned an influential person who has helped shape everything from the very core of Judaism to today’s global culture and society. Students presented their special persons in colorful biographical posters that were on recent display in the MPR.

Visitors enjoyed a treasure trove of unique stories as students brought to life pioneers in medicine, law, science, architecture, sports, the arts, entertainment, politics and the military. They featured visionaries in business and industry, entrepreneurs, inventors and technology giants.  And they told the stories of rabbis, Zionists, activists, philosophers, heroes, and men and women whose stories leap from the pages of Torah. In many cases, it was interesting to learn little known details of their lives, adding greater dimension and understanding of these great men and women!

Did you know…Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame once put up a sign that read “We’re closed because we are trying to figure out what is going on”.  In 2000, the duo sold their business for $325 Million… As a toddler, Michael Kors, born Karl Anderson Jr, worked as a model for toilet paper and cereal…. When Mark Zuckerberg was 12 and in Middle School, he created an instant messaging program called “Zucknet” for his father, so that he could know when patients arrived at his office… Singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen started as a poet and novelist who turned his poems into songs.

“We wanted to provide a vast sample of Jewish people so the students can see that there is no one ‘way’ to be Jewish, and no one type of person who is Jewish,” said Jewish Studies teacher Jessie Rubenstein. The exhibit really drove that point home!