Fifth Graders Write and Produce Play on Ancient Egypt

As a culminating activity for Mrs. Luther’s fifth grade social studies unit on Ancient Egypt, students created their own play, The Case of the Missing Pharaoh. Each student was significantly involved in the creation and production of the play. Students wrote the script, researched costumes, directed the play, selected the music, developed the choreography, and created props. On January 13th, students performed the play for their parents as well as other grade levels.

The Case of the Missing Pharoah is a mystery and a love story centered around a Pharaoh whose sister pressures him to get married. She makes him choose from one of the noble women. On the day of the wedding, the Pharaoh goes missing. He’s been kidnapped and everyone including the people living and working along the Nile go looking for him. Once he is found, he meets a peasant girl and falls for her. His sister tells him he cannot marry someone outside of the kingdom, but the Pharaoh ignores his sister and marries the peasant anyway. The play ended with a message about how times have changed and now we are free to love whom we want. 

Students attempted to make it as authentic as possible. This performance revealed the social structure of Ancient Egypt, and the students portrayed characters that brought every tier to life including merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, peasants, artisans, and slaves.

When reflecting on the experience, Mrs. Luther explained, “For me, the most important aspect was that the students wrote and created this themselves. I had very little to do with it beyond providing guidance. The experience for me was extraordinary. Their performance at school brought laughter, entertainment, and a wonderful message about love.”