Is Private Kindergarten Worth the Cost?

Your child is approaching kindergarten age and you’re weighing all the options. Full day kindergarten? Half day kindergarten? Public? Private? If you are considering a private kindergarten in Scottsdale, you might be evaluating if it’s worth the investment. 

At Pardes Jewish Day School, we see kindergarten as so much more than just an opportunity to establish a solid academic foundation — it’s also when your child starts practicing valuable skills needed for future success, such as problem-solving, self-regulation, empathy, and more. Kindergarten is a time for fun and function, and you want to be sure your child is in an environment that’s going to meet — and hopefully exceed — your expectations.  

Families find great value in the Pardes kindergarten experience and the distinctive ways we provide opportunities for our students. Here are some of the many reasons why Pardes families think private kindergarten is worth every penny.

Advanced academics tailored to little learners. 

Our full day kindergarten program integrates Jewish values throughout a challenging, engaging curriculum designed specifically for our youngest students. They’re learning so much more than just reading, writing, and math — they’re implementing project-based learning as they master the basics of coding, design a grade level five-senses garden and learn about the Jewish holidays and traditions.

Children find their voice through personalized learning.

Private school classrooms tend to be less crowded than public school classrooms, which means teachers are able to pay more attention to their students. At Pardes, our teachers are trained in differentiation methods of instruction, which means they can tailor their teaching to meet the individual needs of their students. Teachers recognize when to extend the depth of concepts or provide additional support, allowing each child to grow and reach their full potential. 

Life skills are part of the curriculum. 

Learning alongside their peers allows kindergartners to start working on social skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and taking turns. We utilize the Responsive Classroom model to help build social and emotional competencies needed for success both in and out of school. These competencies include perseverance, learning strategies, self-control, cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, and perspective.

Outside-the-box activities.

Since they’re not encumbered by governmental red tape, private schools like Pardes can get creative with their instructional methods. Our youngest students take advantage of our Makerspace and explore a variety of content, including learning beginning block coding and sequencing through the use of KIBO robots to build and program robots to perform various tasks. Students are also introduced to beginning computer programming with the app Scratch Jr., where they learn to design and animate characters.  

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Values align between home and school. 

Children are impressionable and their school environment needs to be one that reinforces values being taught at home. Here at Pardes, students see Jewish values modeled inside and outside the classroom —  kindness, respect, and how to care for others. 

Cultural awareness as part of the curriculum. 

Through songs, games, and art, Pardes kindergartners practice listening and speaking Hebrew. They study the Jewish calendar, holidays, traditional blessings, and how the stories of the Torah help shape who we are today. 

After school care is available.

For busy families, finding care after school can be difficult. At Pardes, optional after school enrichment activities are available, as well as the opportunity to participate in Club J at the Jewish Community Center.

It’s an investment in your child’s future success. 

An investment in Pardes means an investment in preparing your child to face the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We develop agile, resilient leaders who are confident in their abilities. This investment goes beyond an academic program. When you enroll at Pardes, you are joining a caring, vibrant Jewish community. Our students feel connected to their heritage as they build their identity and worldview. 

“We never thought a private Jewish day school education was even an option, until Pardes showed us how to make it a reality.” -Sarah and Joshua Katz

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