Newest Technology Opens Worlds of Wonders To Pardes Students

On April 11th, Pardes students got a sneak preview of Google Expeditions’ Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Each class was treated to a thirty-minute teacher-led session where they explored 3D objects through smartphone equipped Google “Tango” Augmented Reality technology.

The soon to be released app is Google’s newest cutting-edge tool designed to enhance the overall experience of existing lesson plans and previously taught concepts, by integrating dynamic computer graphics that bring abstract ideas to life.

“Instead of simply looking at a picture in a textbook, students can go inside a living virus and view how the virus infects the host or view how the sun enters a cell through the process of photosynthesis.” says Pardes science teacher David Rivas.  “The students were really psyched to see these objects come to life.” Pardes Jewish Day School is planning to incorporate this exciting new Google technology into their curriculum in the near future.