Students Prepare for Passover with Beautiful Model Seders

April 14, 2022- After two years of not being able to have division-wide Seders, the Pardes community was thrilled to come together for three beautiful Seders on Thursday, April 14.

Kindergartners prepared for their Kindergarten Seder by creating their own Haggadah. The kindergarten team of teachers along with special guest Morah Lois, who is a retired Pardes kindergarten teacher, led the Seder. Students enjoyed chanting the Four Questions, singing songs such as Dayenu and watching their teachers retell the story of Passover.

Lower school students enjoyed a Seder led by Cantor Seth Ettinger from Congregation Beth Israel. Cantor Ettinger arrived dressed Moses. Students laughed and smiled as they participated in interactive hand motions telling the order of the Seder as well as Cantor Etitnger’s Hamilton parody retelling the story of Passover.

Rabbi Andy Green of Congregation Or Tzion joined our middle school students for their Seder. They explored each of the main components of the Seder at a higher level, chanting prayers and singing songs. It was wonderful to have everyone together after two years of atypical school Seders due to the pandemic.

A special Kol HaKavod to everyone involved, including clergy members, faculty, staff and our parent volunteers who made this beautiful morning feasible.