Kosher Lunch Program

Pardes respects and values the various approaches to the laws of Kashrut that exist within our school community. Our school observance is guided by the principal of institutional Kashrut and individual choice, which highlights the obligation to our families that each member of the community feels comfortable eating at our school.

Students have the option to purchase a school lunch or bring a lunch from home. Our kosher kitchen is VAAD certified. All school lunches and birthday treats purchased through the school lunch program are kosher. Additionally, all food provided by Pardes at school sponsored on-campus events will be catered from our kitchen. For all off-campus school functions, we will reasonably work with each family, to the best of our ability, to ensure that their child’s dietary needs are met. If a child brings a lunch to school, it must not contain pork or shellfish products. We ask that all birthday treats be store bought and kosher. All food items (other than lunch and personal snacks) must be pre-approved by the school nurse prior to being shared.

There is no greater value in Judaism than Pikuach Nefesh, saving a life. For that reason, we are a food allergy aware school. Pardes is also a nut aware campus, which means that no peanuts or tree-nuts may be brought to school. Additionally, we educate our students to help them understand the importance of keeping their peers safe, and our staff is trained regarding food allergies.